University of Missouri

Brain Imaging Center
Department of Psychologial Science

Scan Calendar

The Brain Imaging Center utilizes scheduling software called Calpendo in order to make booking rooms and resources easy.

  • If you will be scheduling participants, rooms and resources on behalf of your lab, you must successfully complete Level 1 Safety Training before establishing a Calpendo user account. Please contact Alex Brown, BIC Operations Coordinator, via email,, or via phone, 573-884-8779, for more details regarding MR Personnel Levels and Training Requirements and/or to schedule an individual or group safety training session for yourself or your lab.
  • After completing the necessary safety training, you can register as a new Calpendo user at Please refer to the Calpendo Scheduling Guide for step-by-step instructions and further information. If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact Alex Brown, BIC Operations Coordinator, who establishes accounts for new projects and provides software instruction and support for Calpendo users.
  • If you want to learn more about the functions and navigation capabilities of Calpendo, you can also access tutorial videos at

Booking Scan Time

Level 1 MR Personnel will only be able to book scan time when the MR Scanner Operator is available which will be noted on the Calpendo Calendar. However, if Participant availability does not coincide with the Scanner Operator's availability, you may contact Bret Glass, BIC Operations Coordinator, to request an exception. Exception requests require a minimum of one week advanced notice.

Level 2 MR Personnel functioning as MR Scanner Operators have the ability to schedule scans during any open time slots. If scans will be administered after normal business hours or on the weekends, student/faculty/staff id's will need to be activated to allow card swipe entry into the Marx Building. In addition, a key to the interior BIC entrance will also be issued to the MR Scanner Operator. Please contact Bret to request special access, id card activation and key issue.