University of Missouri

Brain Imaging Center
Department of Psychologial Science

Safety Training

All personnel involved in data collection at the Brain Imaging Center must complete Level 1 safety training. This is required of ALL members of a lab research group regardless of role and responsibilities (e.g., assisting or observing; testing; data collection; scheduling; screening; and scanning).

Level 1 safety training consists of:

  • Completing an MRI Screening Form in order to ensure safe navigation and function within the vicinity of the magnet (Note: If anything changes for personnel due to an accident, injury, surgery, disease, or occupational hazard (i.e., welder), they MUST notify the BIC Operations Coordinator or BIC Director as soon as possible; complete a new MRI Screening Form; and be reevaluated for safe entry into the MR Environment)
  • Receiving a BIC site specific tour and orientation to the MR Environment including identification of designated zones; MR Personnel access to zones; Participant supports waiting areas; study protocol computers; intercom system for communicating with Participants; location of emergency buttons and switches; location of safety devices; safety and medical/equipment emergency preparedness, actions and evacuation; etc.
  • Orientation to Participant preliminary safety screening procedures (before participant scheduling) including screening form; documentation and authorization regarding conditional medical devices and/or implants; preparing Participants in advance of their arrival, etc.
  • Orientation to Participant preparation (when arriving at the BIC) including scrub change room; removal and storage of personal items; administration of any forms and explanation of the MRI scanning process
  • Orientation to BIC Policies and Procedures including roles and responsibilities of MR Personnel; presence of two MR Personnel necessitated for scan procedures; incidental finding protocol; pre-authorization requirements for introduction of new equipment into the MR Environment; annual safety and level certification requirements; etc.
  • Viewing of MRI Safety Video
  • Successfully Completing the BIC Level 1 Safety Quiz

Level 2 safety training is required for individuals who are selected by their lab and approved by the BIC Director to be the designated scanner operator for their project.

Level 2 safety training consists of:

  • Successful Completion of BIC Level 1 Safety Training Prerequisite
  • Successful Certification of First Aid/CPR/AED Training
  • Successful Completion of the BIC Advanced Safety Quiz specifically Designed for MR Scanner Operators
  • Successful Completion of Additional Reading Material as Assigned by the BIC Director
  • Successful Completion of Shadowing a Certified Scanner Operator including assisting and executing defined safety and scanning procedures
  • Practical Application and Demonstration of Proficient Working Knowledge of ALL Aspects of MR Operation and Safety Procedures to the Satisfaction of the BIC Director

Both Level 1 and Level 2 MR Personnel MUST renew their certification annually in order to continue working at the Brain Imaging Center. Although personnel with ongoing active projects will receive email reminders regarding renewal, it is the responsibility of each individual to renew their certification prior to the anniversary and to check in with the BIC Operations Coordinator or BIC Director if returning from an extended hiatus.

Please contact Alex Brown, BIC Operations Coordinator, via email,, or via phone, 573-884-8779, for more details regarding MR Personnel Levels and Training Requirements and/or to schedule an individual or group safety training session for your lab.