University of Missouri

Brain Imaging Center
Department of Psychologial Science

Prospective Researchers

The Brain Imaging Center (BIC) is a shared resource at the University of Missouri. Researchers in many disciplines, such as psychology, sociology, and health-related fields are adding brain imaging components to their work. Our facility includes technical help so you need not be a brain imaging expert to consider starting a study.

Step 1. Read our Resources and Services page.

This will help us identify what we can do for you.

Step 2. Read our Proposal Guide and Submit a Research Proposal.

The submission of a research proposal will provide us with valuable information about your proposed research, anticipated protocols and safety assurance, and current or requested funding sources. When submitting a research proposal, please indicate the following in order to assist us in coordinating services and providing you with the resources that you need:

  • What is your research staff’s level of expertise in operating a Siemens 3T TIM Trio scanner and degree of experience functioning within an MR environment?
  • Will your research staff require training or would you prefer to hire our trained staff to run research protocols?
  • What resources do you currently have to conduct research?
  • What resources do you anticipate needing?
  • What resources would you like to request through a BIC Grant?
  • When do you anticipate the submission of an external grant proposal to seed future funding for the continuation or advancement of MRI-related research?

Step 3. Initiate and complete the IRB Process.

In addition to the BIC research proposal submission process, you must go through the Health Sciences IRB submission process as well (NOT the Campus IRB).

Step 4. Safety training.

Step 5. Contact BIC Operations Coordinator, Alex Brown, via email or via phone at 573-884-8779, if you require additional information or assistance.