University of Missouri

Brain Imaging Center
Department of Psychologial Science

How to Prepare for a Scan

  • Please inform research and lab personnel of the following prior to your scheduled appointment:
    • If you have an implant, device or embedded object as a result of accident, injury, surgery, disease, or occupational hazard (i.e., welder, military or law enforcement)
    • If you have braces or a permanent retainer
    • If you wear glasses and do not have contacts (NOTE: You may be asked to provide a lens prescription if you will be participating in a study that requires reading or attention to detail while in the scanner. This will help us prepare and provide MR Safe frames with your specific lenses so that you can view items presented on the projector screen within the scanner)
    • If you have hair extensions or wear a wig, hair piece, or head covering (i.e., headband, cap, scarf, barrettes, etc.) that may contain metallic/magnetic pins, wires, ties, or clips
    • If you have a single tattoo or multiple tattoos that contain inks, dyes, pigments composed of metallic flecks and/or body art with magnetic properties
    • If you use transdermal medication patches for an existing medical condition such as hormone replacement or smoking cessation
    • All medications, supplements, injections or skin applications
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled scan time in order to complete all necessary paperwork
  • Please wear comfortable clothing that is compatible for MRI Scan Procedures (i.e., sweatpants/shorts, t-shirt, sports bra, socks that are free of metal or magnetic components, accents, under wires or other adornments including zippers, rivets, eyelets, buttons, belts, pins, etc.). We also provide scrubs sized from XS to XXXL if needed or preferred.
  • Please remove the following prior to your arrival or you may remove items and store in a personal locker before proceeding to the scan room:
    • any and all jewelry, body piercings or removable body art
    • transdermal patches
    • wigs, hair extensions, hair pieces, and head coverings containing metallic components
    • hair ties that result in ponytails, hair buns or hair wraps positioned on the backside of the head (NOTE: Since you will be lying down in the scanner, anything located at the back of the head can become uncomfortable and may result in movement that affects scan quality)
    • makeup, mascara or eyeliner since these may contain heavy metals
    • deodorant since many of these contain heavy metals
    • eyeglasses

What to Expect

You will be provided with a secure locker to store personal belongings and/or any metallic/magnetic items on your person such as clothing, jewelry, hair pins/clips, watches, cell phones, fit bits, coins, keys, hats, jackets, coats, book bags, wallets, purses, etc.

The MRI Scanner Operator will provide you with information regarding the scan process, review your MRI Screening Form with you, and address any questions or concerns that you may have prior to your scheduled scan.