University of Missouri

Brain Imaging Center
Department of Psychologial Science

Approved Researchers

Setting Up New Protocol

  • Set up MRI scan protocol.
    • Schedule time on Calpendo under “equipment testing” option.
    • Test and finalize MRI scan protocol.
    • After MRI scan protocol is set up, users are given one free hour of scan time to gather and perform post scan analyses on pilot data.
  • Start scheduling “MR Scanner” bookings on Calpendo.

Data Transfer

Quality Assurance

Additional Notes for Researchers and laboratory staff

  • All users are required to have read and abide by all BIC policies.
  • Principal Investigators are responsible for their laboratories staff and participants.
  • Users and research participants.
    • Users are to adequately screen participants before MRI scan.
    • Properly inform participants of testing day activities.
    • Arrive 15 minuets before scheduled appointment.
    • Fill out essential paperwork before scan time.
    • Lock and secure all personal items before entering zones 3 and 4.
  • BIC is a shared data collection workspace for all users and should be put back to default set up after each use.
  • Users must annually complete safety training.