University of Missouri

Brain Imaging Center
Department of Psychologial Science

Safety Training

All personnel involved in data collection at the Brain Imaging Center must complete Level 1 safety training. This is required of individual lab representatives who will book scan time on Calpendo, use BIC for behavioral testing, run MRI task during MRI scan or assist in any data collection.

Level 1 safety training consists of:

  • MRI safety video
  • Policies and procedures review
  • BIC tour
  • Safety quiz

Level 2 safety training is required for individuals who are selected by their lab to be the designated scanner operator. This would also be required for labs that choose to scan outside normal business hours.

Level 2 safety training consist of:

  • Complete Level 1 safety training
  • Obtain CPR/First Aid certification
  • Level 2 scanner operator quiz and essay questions

Level 1 and Level 2 certifications will need to renewed on an annual basis. Users will receive an email reminder of the need to renew their certification prior to the anniversary.

Safety training is scheduled for both spring and fall semesters at the Brain Imaging Center. Contact BIC to sign up for training by calling the front desk at 884-8779.