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  • Two Tier System for BIC Scan Time Scheduling
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  • Three CSD job talks coming in over the next three weeks
    • Talk #1:
      Roxana Botezatu, Post-doctoral Fellow, Drexel University, Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
      Title: Skill and Deficit Aspects of Word Recognition: Evidence from Bilingualism and Aphasia
      Wednesday, February 18th, 4 p.m., Lewis 224

    • Talk #2:
      Dana Moser, Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire
      Title: Language: Location, Stimulation, Reorganization
      Monday, February 23rd, 4 p.m., Lewis 224

    • Talk #3:
      Paul Fillmore, Research Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina
      Title: Perceptual abilities and language function: Patterns of deficit and targets for treatment
      Wednesday, March 4th, 4 pm., Lewis 224